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Personal data protection

The provider of the internet travel ticket sale is eurobus, a.s. Station Square 9, 042 04 Košice, Company Reg. No.: 36 211 079, VAT IN: SK2020062352. Contact e-mail:

In order to be able to provide clients with all the services we must know their basic information. Some of the information falls under the category of personal data according to the Act no. 18/2018 Coll. and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament on the protection of personal data (further only as the Law and the Regulation). We commit to handle and manipulate with their personal data in accordance with the Law and the Regulation.

Before the ticket purchase it is possible (required) to register. In registration and purchase the client is asked as an aggrieved person to state these following information: Name and Surname, exact address, e-mail address (serves for communication with the client), preferably phone number (for faster contact with the client) and cookies (information on cookies collecting on the website

The data is saved in a protected database on our server so that you do not have to include them with every visit. Your data will be processed for purposes of the fulfillment of our contract relations. These data are needed for our accountant and invoice system as well. Your data and other settings can be changed at any time, respectively updated via e-mail. In a case that you wish to cancel the registration, ask us via e-mail. Your account will be deactivated 10 days from the delivery of consent withdrawal and the data will be deleted.  

At the same time, by registering you confirm that you have been informed in accordance with current legislative about us as the provider processing your personal data in the process of closing and fulfilling the purchase contract without your consent as the aggrieved person, since the processing of your personal data will be done in pre-contractual relations and the processing of your personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of the order and of the purchase contract in which you are stated as one of the contractual sides (article 6 paragraph 1 letter b Regulations)

In accordance with article 6 section 1, letter b Regulations we process personal data of the aggrieved person for the purpose of rightful interest – direct marketing – sending out information about our new products, sales and special offers on our offered goods and our other marketing activities and improvements of the offer of our services.

You have a right on the basis of written or e-mail application to give disapproval with the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and you can ask for their deletion and prevent their further entry into a distributional list. Without delay after receiving the disapproval with the processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, eurobus a.s. will ensure deletion and prevent their further entry into the distributional list.

We are authorized to process your personal data even after the ending of the original purpose of their procession but only in their indispensable extent for the purposes of statistics, accounting and providing them to third sides or to the public as summarized statistic information about the customer (passenger), attendance, sale and other data but in an anonym form so that on their basis it will not be possible by any means to identify our customers.  

The period of collecting and processing of personal data in a case of contractual relations is given by tax laws, accounting laws and registration law. In a case of direct marketing it consists with the period of your registration on the website. For the purposes of invoices, evidence and exaction and forwarding claims for provided service, for the purposes of fulfillment of the customer’s applications, for law enforcement and for fulfillment of other obligations given by general obligatory legal regulations is eurobus a.s. authorized to lead an evidence of personal data even after the cessation of the contract on providing a service you have been a participant of.

As the aggrieved person you can apply all your rights in written form or electronically on the access to your personal data, their correction, deletion and confinement of their usage in accordance with the articles of chapter III Regulations. If you are suspicious of your personal data being unlawfully processed you have a right to file a proposal to start a trial on protection of personal data on the basis of § 100 of the Act to the Personal Data Protection Agency of Slovak republic, with the residence at Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava.



Cookie files
With the purpose of ensuring proper operation of this web site we sometimes save small data files in your device, so called cookies. It is a common practice of many bigger web sites.

What are cookie files?
A cookie file is a small text file that a web site saves in your device or mobile device when searching on it. Thanks to this file the web site saves information for a certain time about your steps and preferences (such as login name, language, text size and other display settings) so that with your next visit of the web site or searching its individual sites your will not have to state everything again.

How do we use cookie files?
These websites use cookie files to remember user settings, for better adjustment of ads to the interests of the visitors and for unavoidable operation of the websites.

How to check cookie files
Cookie files can be checked or deleted according to deliberation – check the details on the website You can delete all cookie files saved in your device and most of the explorers can be set to prevent their saving. In such case, however, you will probably have to manually adjust some setting and some services with every visit of the web site and some functions may not work.

How to refuse usage of cookie files
The usage of cookie files can be set with the help of your internet explorer. Most explorers accept cookie files automatically in the initial setting.