Boli ste úspešne prihlásený.


The office offers to its clients all the required information regarding the operation of the regular bus transportation (the most convenient bus line according to the requirements of the customer, transport price for service done, exceptions in the validation of bus lines, explanation of Transport regulations and Tariff, general information regarding the transportation of the customer).

At the same time the office ensures all the services connected with tasks and obligations of founding member of the association EMBASE, which eurobus, a.s. is since 1st of March, 2005 (personification of the transportation chip card - TCC, activation of the TCC for other members of the association, activation of student card, respectively digital credit wallet, credit add-on, respectively credit check, saving of information about purchase of studen time ticket on TCC, making changes to the TCC, respectively complaint handling, general information regarding the usage of the TCC and its benefits.

The office ensures the sale of travel tickets in the system AMS and for all international bus lines of the company eurobus, a.s. Košice

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday  07:00 - 16:00 h.

phone:  +421 907 997 584